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Arts and culture to improve security in Nepal

An update on our project PAHUNCH, improving the relations between citizens and police in Nepal. (Contains some awesome downloadable stickers!)

Officer Karki is changing the police from within

Policewoman Karki is using traditional arts and culture to improve relationships between the Nepali police and the community.

The Art of Better Together

At our arts camps, Syrian refugees and Lebanese youth created songs and short films to inspire their generation to stand up for change.

Police and Citizens Build Peace… by Singing to Each Other

A public singing competition called dohori brought together police and citizens in Nepal, improving relations between them.

As Polls Close in Niger, a New Phase Begins

As the early results trickle in, the atmosphere remains peaceful, also thanks to Search’s contribution.

Police and Citizens Sing the Fear Away

A public singing competition featuring police and citizens in Nepal revitalized relations between them.

Madam Prime Minister – the Theme Song

The first female Prime Minister of Nepal is ready for action. Singha Durbar airs on November 15th – this is the opening theme!