MENA Regional Projects

Inclusive Dialogue within Women’s Rights Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

While huge advances in women’s rights and equality have been made since the beginning of the millennium, women in many Middle-Eastern and North African countries still face social, economic, and cultural challenges. Fluid transition processes across the MENA region have led to increased polarization within societies, dividing those […]

MENA Common Ground Institute

MENA CGI is a regional initiative to enhance dialogue in the region.

Our Work in Libya

Learn more about our work with Libyan activists and leaders, both inside Libya and in neighboring Tunisia.

Our Engagement in Bahrain

Learn more about our trainings on conflict transformation, non-violent communication, youth leadership, and conflict sensitive media in Bahrain.

#Peacerising, a Campaign to Engage MENA Youth

#PeaceRising engaged youth and civil society in conversations about conflict transformation and nonviolence in the MENA region.

Dialogue Facilitation Training Call for Applications Tunisia Civil Society Scheme – Round 2 (in Arabic)

Four years after the Arab uprisings led to radical political change across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), many societies continue to grapple with insecurity, fluid transitions and aggravated identity politics. Dialogue plays a crucial role in countries undergoing a transition towards democracy and it isneeded now […]