MENA Regional News

Building a united front of women leaders

Across the Middle East and North Africa, we planted the seed for a united front that can advance the cause of women rights.

Promoting Nonviolence in Yemeni Schools

Despite the ongoing conflict, our programs to support Yemeni children continue today.

#PeaceRising in MENA

You’ve heard of the Arab Uprising. Now it’s time for the Peace Uprising. Since the upheavals of 2011, momentous social and political shifts have rocked the Middle East and North Africa. Competing visions of the future and widespread frustration with the lack of progress have led to the […]

The Syria Effect: Join The Search on Air

The war in Syria smolders on, three years later. Over 11,000 children are dead. One million refugees have flooded over the border into tiny neighbor Lebanon, a country of only four million people to begin with. The huge refugee influx is taxing resources like jobs, housing, schools, water, […]