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Project Mazava II: Building Trust around Madagascar’s Mining Sites

As the 2018 elections approach, new tensions arise around Madagascar’s mining sites. Our work is helping prevent violent clashes.


Post-Election Study – February 2016 – “Let Us Vote for Peace”: Support for Peaceful, Credible, Participatory and Transparent Elections in Guinea”

The project was launched to improve participation in the 2015 elections in Guinea and to reduce the risk of socio-political tensions that have characterised previous parliamentary and presidential elections. The goals of the project were to improve civic education through radio programmes, provide credible information on the electoral process and prevent electoral violence through early detection and rapid response.

The study covered the areas of Boké, Kindia, Labé, Mamou and 5 municipalities in Conakry. Qualitative methods included individual interviews and Focus Group Discussions with 144 participants. Quantitative methods focused on opinion polls and were administered to 600 people, with 62% male and 38% female respondents.

Participants found that the project successfully diffused credible information about the election (85%), helped strengthen knowledge around the election process (85%), contributed to voter mobilisation (88%) and was an important factor in the easing of socio-political tensions (82%). Whilst the project was successful in achieving its intended objectives, recommendations for improvement included developing a strategy to reach more women, implementing a decentralised strategy to cover different regions and carry out an assessment of the media audience.

Zamuka contestant Jean de Dieu Sayinzoga during the filming of the show. Jean de Dieu went on to win season 2 with his business plan to start a chicken farm.

Media As A Force For Change

Media is a crucial player in conflict situations capable of both inciting violence and catalyzing positive change. Search is a recognized pioneer in using media to promote peace and stability in conflict-ridden communities.


Title: “Promotion of Key Family Practices” Final Evaluation – Madagascar – February 2017

Search for Common Ground implemented the project “Promoting Key Family Practices through Regional Communication Strategies for Child Survival, Development, Education and Protection” between August 2014 and March 2016, funded by UNICEF and UNFPA, in Analanjirofo, Anosy and Atsimo Andrefana regions of Madagascar. The project was part of the development of national communication plans aiming at promoting behavior changes in favor of children’s rights.

This final evaluation report outlines the main results of the project. Training participants increased their knowledge in communicating on the Key Family Practices. The local radios and community organizations were efficient in terms of broadcasting the different programs and more than 60 000 people were also reached through community events. Overall, 87% of the population interviewed had listened to at least one SFCG “product”. The report presents visible effects: in the education sector, the findings show that 89% of the population who listened to the messages adopted and practiced “sending children to school who were between the ages of 6 and 11 years old”. Protection aspects were also well received, as 84% adopted immediate actions to behave non-violently towards children, and 96% rejected early marriage for children younger than 18 years old. In terms of sustainability, the project allowed for the development of collaboration mechanisms between WASH, health and education sectors and the media, which will last after the end of the implementation. One of the main recommendations is to increase capacity building activities and promote skills transfer from SFCG to national official or non-governmental actors; this is now being carried out by SFCG in the framework of a new UNICEF project.


Madam Prime Minister

Introducing the first female (and fictional) Prime Minister of Nepal.

Peace Day Nepal

“Peace on Earth” – a contest to mark International Peace Day in Nepal

Participate in a nation-wide contest and win an internship with celebrated filmmaker Tsering Rhitar Sherpa!


Radio Rescue: farmers turn to airwaves over violence in Rwanda

Every Sunday afternoon, thousands of listeners across Rwanda tune into a radio show that became a lifeline for farmers at risk of losing everything.