We came as strangers we left as friends – Rainbow of Hope does it again!

For 6 months, Lebanese and Syrian children went on a journey to learn about diversity, acceptance, coexistence, empathy, and non-violent ways to resolve conflicts through a variety of games and storytelling activities.

An interview with Elisa Dari,
Lebanon Country Director

Bridging the “us vs. them” divide is at the basis of conflict transformation.

How can children contribute to peacebuilding?

Ibrahim, Obaida, Abdelkader and Mohammad show how Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian children, teachers, and animators are playing an active role in effecting positive change in their communities through the Rainbow of Hope project.

From Syria to the Heart of Europe: Journey of a Refugee Actor

Our theater program helped three-time refugee Mahmoud find his vocation. Today, he’s using what he learned to support Syrian refugees in Germany.

Children, Youth and Social Cohesion Results Memo 2013 to 2016

In total, Search has engaged more than 6,000 people in social cohesion programs in Lebanon since 2013. Read the memo to learn more!

Cedaria: Blackout – A Videogame for Peace

Youth from all over Lebanon are now playing Cedaria Blackout to learn how to resolve conflicts in their daily lives, join them by collecting the scattered pieces of the phoenix all over Cedaria!

How can children contribute to peacebuilding?

In SFCG Lebanon’s Rainbow of Hope project, Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian children and teachers show how they can play an active role in bringing positive change to their communities.