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Radio Rescue: farmers turn to airwaves over violence in Rwanda

Every Sunday afternoon, thousands of listeners across Rwanda tune into a radio show that became a lifeline for farmers at risk of losing everything.

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Freedom From Fear

A childhood marred by war left Pirem afraid and mistrustful of other ethnic groups — until he experienced an unexpected human connection.


Burundi’s New Normal

After 2015’s political crisis, in 2016 Burundi settled into a “new normal” characterized by low-level insecurity. Read our briefings on conflict trends in the country.

liberia score index

Search and the UN Mission map out societal trends in Liberia

We are using the SCORE Index to understand shifts in attitudes and perceptions among Liberians.

Gilbert Masavo at the Kigali Institute of Education

Young entrepreneurs rising up: a visit to former ZAMUKA contestants

Five young people participated in a TV program, became successful entrepreneurs, and created jobs in poor communities in Rwanda.


Bustin Police Myths

Around 67% of Nepali citizens don’t trust the police. A new reality show could change that.


2016 #CGAwards: Secretary Kerry’s Message of Peace

Watch U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s inspiring message upon receiving our Lifetime Achievement in Peacebuilding at the 2016 #CGAwards.