Interfaith Dialogue

While many see religion as a cause of violence, religious leaders have a unique ability to promote tolerance and guide their communities toward peace. We help people of faith work together to serve each other, safeguard holy sites, and persuade their communities to put down their weapons.

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Freedom From Fear

A childhood marred by war left Pirem afraid and mistrustful of other ethnic groups — until he experienced an unexpected human connection.


Participate in Search – Nigeria’s Photo and Video Essay Contest!

As part of our project on the protection of Holy Sites, we are launching a contest for Nigerian photographers and filmmakers.


Clerics seek protection of worship centers in the Northeast of Nigeria

Muslim and Christian leaders from the northeast have called for the adoption of the Universal Code of Conduct on the protection of holy sites and places of worship across the country.

Universal Code

Universal Code of Conduct on Holy Sites

The Code maps out policies to protect sacred places worldwide and promote inter-religious reconciliation.


Pope’s Visit to the Central African Republic Signals Hope

The Pope’s visit to the Central African Republic scheduled for the end of this week comes at a pivotal moment in the history of the nation.


A Strategy to Protect Sacred Places

Religion is often seen as the cause behind some of the most bitter conflicts around the world. But what if we conceived it as a solution to conflict?


LEADING Fellowship Program 2015/2016

LEADING is a program to develop and strengthen the leadership skills of Indonesian peacebuilders engaging in interfaith collaboration.