Human Face

The Woman Bringing Boko Haram Wives Back To Their Families

Our own Fatima Askira speaks about her inspiring work to reintegrate Boko Haram wives into Nigerian society.

To achieve reconciliation in Sri Lanka, trust in youth

When his favorite neighborhood event was canceled because of senseless violence, young peacebuilder Sanjaath Nazeer took it upon himself to fix it.

Back to school (with the help of a world-class teacher)

The lives of an unruly student, his mother, and an exceptional teacher were changed by a conflict resolution training.

Officer Karki is changing the police from within

Policewoman Karki is using traditional arts and culture to improve relationships between the Nepali police and the community.

First a student, then a housewife, then a champion for equality

Many women in Morocco are pressed to give up their career aspirations and play the role imposed on them by society. Fatima had something different in mind.

Margaret’s Love Letter to Her Country

“What makes me hopeful about our future is the change I’ve seen in the women I worked with,” says a local peacebuilder from Zimbabwe.

A teacher so good, she’s in a class of her own

Through patient work, Fatima helps Syrian and Lebanese children overcome their mutual mistrust and heal from trauma.