Fair & Responsible Media

Journalists and other media professionals have tremendous influence, especially in a country where tensions run high. When they report on conflicts, controversies, and violent incidents, they can inflame the issue through bias and rumors. Instead, we train them to foster peace through objective reporting that captures the perspectives of all sides.

The Pen Is Still Mightier Than The Sword

Throughout history, journalists and the media have often been regarded as both heroes and villains. They have been the watchdogs of political power. They have given a voice to the voiceless. They have also been used to trample the rights of others, and support the agendas of dictators […]

Beyond Gender Stereotypes in Moroccan Media

The impact of Moroccan mainstream media on shared gender perception is enormous. On national TV and newspapers, deeply rooted stereotypes and generalizations are often reinforced by a portrayal of women that fails to capture their uniqueness and diversity. For male and female audiences alike, it is difficult to […]

My Brother and I

Siblings don’t always see eye to eye. They disagree, argue, and want to prove each other wrong. Often, when all is said and done, they work out an agreement and make peace. But for brothers Oussama and Souhaib Hakiri, who were raised under the same roof, finding common […]

The Journalist I Want to Be

Although Lebanon is often seen as a pioneer of gender equality in the Middle East, it still offers limited employment opportunities to women. The salary gap between male and female workers is wide, and social protection is limited. Women’s rights organizations are very active all over the country and have achieved […]

A Youth-Led Platform for Citizen Journalism

Thanks to the popularization of digital technologies, citizen journalism is now an essential aspect of a functioning democracy. Many people, and especially youth, already act as amateur reporters through social media, voicing their opinions and influencing the public debate. In Tunisia, we recognized an opportunity to hone the journalistic skills of […]

FrontlineSMS signals new era for women in media

We need women in peacebuilding and social development—pure and simple. Their perspectives and experience make up half of a functioning society. However, women’s participation in media remains low. In too many areas, women’s public opinions are so stifled that their views on critical issues are absent from the […]

The Cost of Ebola

The Ebola Crisis in West Africa saturated international news over 2014 and 2015. The outbreak has killed thousands of people. Beyond the obvious health and humanitarian concerns, the Ebola Crisis threatened the stability of some already fragile states, recovering from civil wars. Mistrust and poor communication between the […]