Development Projects

A man on the right(s) track

Innocent read up on gender equality… and promoted literacy.

When Leadership is Fearless and Female

Agnès leads a group of women who are bringing together a community divided by racial discrimination.

Keep these kids smiling

You know the bad news. You hear it every day — shootings, Syria, refugees, ISIS, and so many other violent conflicts. It is heartbreaking. But, we know that cooperation is vastly more common than violence – even where we work, some of the most dangerous and volatile places on […]

Towards Long-Lasting Change

“I was born in Ras Beirut; this is my turf. I know the names of all the streets in my neighborhood …and I am here to make a change.” Nabil is a civil servant from the Ras Beirut neighborhood and one of the participants of our project “Better […]

Police & Communities Need You

Many communities don’t trust the police. They think they are abusing – even murdering – people rather than protecting them. And many police feel unfairly accused. They think the community is working against them, protecting criminals in their midst. This could describe many neighborhoods in the U.S. But […]

An abandoned market brought back to life

In Boda, rumors and misinformation have deteriorated the relationships between non-Muslim and Muslim communities, to the point that the groups live separately and very seldom interact. Events like the attack of a young Muslim in August 2014, that led to the death of dozens when his peers took […]

Four Years Later

This article first appeared in The Hill on April 30th, 2015. More than 200,000 killed. Nearly 4 million refugees. Four years since its onset, the Syrian Civil War has become one of the most destructive conflicts in the world, with a devastating effect on the entire Middle East. […]