Countering Violent Extremism


Religious Leaders Convene for the Protection of Holy Sites in Nigeria

On June 12-13, more than 50 religious leaders from the Nigerian Christian and Muslim communities met at our event in Abuja.


The Nigerian Activist Who Leads Youth Efforts Against Violent Extremism

Nigerian activist Lawal is empowering young people to play an important role in the battle against violent extremism.


Promoting Religious Freedom in Kyrgyzstan

Our Kyrgyzstan team is working with the judiciary and civil society organizations to improve religious freedom in the country.

Youth Workshop_Osh_Nov 21

Social Media Programming Provides Kyrgyz Youth with Alternatives to Violent Extremism

“There is an increasing fear in front of Allah that I feel; fear due to my deeds and sins. It feels like it’s high time to do something, leave this life and follow the inner voice.” These were the words of a 19-year-old in Kara-Balta in Northern Kyrgyzstan, […]


100 Youth Activists against Violent Extremism meet in Maiduguri

100 young activists met in Maiduguri to discuss ways to end violence in their communities.


The Woman Bringing Boko Haram Wives Back To Their Families

Our own Fatima Askira speaks about her inspiring work to reintegrate Boko Haram wives into Nigerian society.


Militancy and the Arc of Instability: Violent Extremism in the Sahel

What drives violent extremist groups in the Sahel? How do they operate? Join us on 9/27 for a discussion on these topics and more.