We provide a safe space for people to work out their conflicts at the local level. With some creative thinking, we bring divided communities, neighbors, and families together to discover their common humanity.




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Congolese Army Wife Stands Up Against Domestic Violence

Inspired by Search – DRC’s human rights training for the Congolese Army, Sylvie launched her own program to protect women from domestic violence.

Strenghtening Early Warning Systems in Nigeria

We discussed ways to improve early warning systems in Nigeria with representatives of 15 local agencies.

Empower Syrian Refugees

Devastating war has raged in Syria for over five years. It’s brought the Syrian people to their knees. Stark images of innocent young refugees ripped from a happy childhood are seared in our minds and hearts. Inside Syria, opposition groups splinter and outside parties get involved; the mire […]

South Sudan: where we stand today

Working with local leaders, we build peace from the grassroots in South Sudan. Watch our short films and read our reports here.

Comic Relief

Can a comic book hero protect real-life communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

South Sudan: two tribes rebuild what violence demolished

After years of ethnic violence, the Madi and Acholi tribes of South Sudan are coming together to heal the trauma and start a new chapter.

Born into conflict, one man strives to bring peace to his homeland

Growing up in an area riddled with violence didn’t stop Bamidele from seeing the good in all people.