Children & Youth

The Wake-Up Call: one Nigerian youth’s unexpected call to greatness

Uneasiness churned in Abdulrahaman’s stomach as he sat in the back of the room, watching the other teens interact. On the surface, the 15-year-old appeared calm, but he was a Nigerian Muslim boy attending an overnight camp—with Christians. He knew better than to let his guard down. He […]

Staying Golden: the legacy of Sierra Leone’s “Golden Kids” radio show

Pascal Masuba was 11 when he became a radio reporter in Sierra Leone, right after the end of the civil war. What he learned at the time turned him into an activist for the rights of children.

Young Reporters Become Radio Personalities in the Central African Republic

The radio show “Children in Action” is reshaping the conversation on children’s rights in the Central African Republic. Its producers’ story will surprise you.

Holding Their Own

Weak and fragile? Brave girls in Nepal are learning self-defense, defusing stereotypes, and proving to their communities just how strong they are.

The Chronicles of Super Ruba

After attending our Better Together camp, Palestinian refugee Ruba became a heroine in service of others in need.

Four Approaches to Rebuilding Civic Spaces

The shrinking of space for civic action has become a rallying cry within the international development community in recent years. Trust between institutions and citizens is eroding and being replaced by barriers that hinder people’s meaningful participation in making decisions about their own future. For more than 35 […]

After Search, young Tunisians become leaders against extremist violence

After projects end, how do young people trained by Search – Tunisia continue on the peacebuilder’s path in their own lives?