Children & Youth Reports

Peace Rising: Stories of Young Peacebuilders in the World

Let the stories of these six young people from Rwanda and Burundi transform the way you look at conflict.

Using Media to Engage with Youth on Identity and Social Cohesion in Lebanon

Supporting Youth as Positive Change Agents in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia

Promoting Youth as Active Citizens in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka

Empowering Youth to be Actors of Non-Violence in Guinea

Developing Operational Guidelines to support Young People’s Participation in Peacebuilding: Workshop Summary

The inter-agency Sub-Working Group on Youth and Peacebulding, co-chaired by the UN Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO) and Search for Common Ground, with support from PeaceNexus Foundation, organized a workshop to begin setting the parameters for the development of guidelines on young peoples’ participation in peacebuilding. These guidelines follow […]

Youth to Youth: Measuring Youth Engagement SUMMARY

This study — a collaborative effort between Search for Common Ground, American University, the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY), the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Liberia, and Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo Information Services (LIGIS) — aims to assess youth engagement in Liberia and examine the extent to which the priorities of international donors are aligned with those of youth. This multi-faceted report adopts a holistic approach to cover various aspects of a complex pilot process. Working outside the traditional bounds of academic and practical research, this effort is adult-supported but entirely youth-led. As such, this project endorses the very principles and practices it espouses, showcasing youth‘s ability to assume leadership roles and affect positive change in their society when offered an appropriate platform.

The research team (composed of 24 Liberian youth, six American University graduate researchers, and one Search for Common Ground intern) spoke with over 1000 youth in more than 600 conversations throughout all 15 counties in Liberia. The team also interviewed more than 20 representatives from donor agencies. This report is an outlet for amplifying youth voices as they were heard by the research team. The emphasis of this report is to provide an accurate representation of Liberian youth‘s feelings, perceptions, and priorities on youth engagement, frequently in their own words, without disregarding the perceptions of Liberian adults and the international community.