Children & Youth Projects

Kallewa Manio: Countering Violent Extremism in Diffa

We are working with youth in Diffa, Niger, to create a community response to violent extremism.

Strengthening Youth Resilience and Engagement Through Comic Books

Our comic book Youmiyyat Daly helps share positive values of tolerance and understanding among Tunisian youth.

A Youth-led Approach to Conflict Analysis

Over the past few months, increased violence in Mopti cast a shadow on peace and stability across Mali, urging civil society, the Malian government, and the international community to expand their focus to the central regions of the country.

Partnership for Social and Behavior Change in Yemen – Second Phase

With support from UNICEF, we are finalizing the second phase of Partnership for Social and Behavior Change in Yemen, an 18-month project in the governorates of Taiz and Al-Hodeidah. The project aims at reducing the impact of conflict on children’s health and encourages dialogue on sensitive children’s health […]

My Neighbor is My Brother – Helping Communities to Embrace Peace in Tanganyika

The Tanganyika and Haut-Katanga provinces, known for their rich deposits of copper and other metals, used to be a stable area of the DRC. In 2013, the region has plunged into conflict, pitting the tribes of the Luba and the Twa against each other; since then, relationships between […]

Youth-led Research

What happens when young peacebuilders become researchers? Learn more here!


The FURSA project, supported by the Madad Trust Fund of the European Union, aims to improve the social and economic inclusion of youth in refugee and host communities in Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey. The project provides access to livelihood opportunities, training on basic economic skills, support for the […]