Madam Prime MInister

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Singha Durbar season finale

Madam Prime Minister – Episode 13

Asha and her mother find out what happened when her father disappeared. The Cabinet is busy planning for elections, and Asha’s fate is in the hands of the voters.

Singha Durbar

Madam Prime Minister – Episode 12

Asha faces the deep-seated trauma caused by the disappearance of her father when she was a child. Will she ever find out the truth?

singha durbar ep11

Madam Prime Minister – Episode 11

Asha and Ramesh must face the impact that their busy life is having on their son.

Singha Durbar ep10

Madam Prime Minister – Episode 10

Wild weather across the country makes climate change apparent, as Asha and the team prepare for a conference on the topic and decide to take initiatives to curb it.

Singha Durbar Episode 9

Madam Prime Minister – Episode 9

Navin the blogger seeks the truth about why his father was imprisoned 8 years ago and uncovers information pointing at a government coverup.

Singha Durbar ep8

Madam Prime Minister – Episode 8

A medium sized earthquake destroys buildings in Baglung. Asha is preparing to meet an international delegation, but feels the need to visit those affected by the earthquake.