CGP Programs

Madam Prime Minister

Introducing the first female (and fictional) Prime Minister of Nepal.

Madam President

The sudden death of a President propels cabinet minister Noura Sa’ad to power in Jabalein, a fictional country in the Middle East. As the first woman head of state, will Noura overcome political pressure and regional strife to prove herself worthy of the job before the next elections? […]

The Team

In its multi-nation, episodic drama The Team, Search for Common Ground has merged the global appeal of soccer/football with soap opera to help transform social attitudes and diminish violent behavior in countries grappling with deeply rooted conflict. The television series addresses the very real […]

Under The Same Sun

Under the Same Sun is a feature-length dramatic film that tells the story of two businessmen, one Israeli and one Palestinian, who set out to make money – and wind up making peace. Their intense relationship leads them to personal transformation, and, ultimately, plays a key part in […]


Zamuka is Rwanda’s groundbreaking television show. Viewers follow the entrepreneurial journey of three young Rwandans with big dreams. Over the course of a season, contestants compete in challenges that can put them one step closer to fulfilling their entrepreneurial goals. Zamuka was produced by SFCG Rwanda office and […]

The President

Made in partnership with the Palestinian Ma’an Network, The President is an innovative approach to engaging young Palestinians in the political process. Using the reality television show format, young contestants compete to become “The President.” In the process, Palestinian youth get a crash course on how to take […]

Breaking The Back of Poverty: How Evolving Gender Roles Can Improve Life

In the mountains and valleys of rural Ethiopia, work and gender roles have strong traditional ties. This documentary features three people who have found that challenging those traditional ties can lead to increased economic self-sufficiency and improved familial relationships. The film was co-produced by Food for the Hungry […]