CGP Evaluations

Governance and Transparency Fund – Final Report

SFCG works to transform the way the world deals with conflict: away from adversarial approaches toward cooperative solutions. Through themes that dramatize the root causes of conflict, the television and radio series, The Team, creates a vehicle for dialogue and reconciliation around these conflicts specific to each country […]

Tim Bui

Two football teams battle for possession of the ball on a pitch of green grass. Other players lounge against cotton candy coloured cement walls that could surround a children’s playground. However a closer look reveals the concertina wire topping the walls and guards keep watch on the action […]

Kenya Coffee Bar

“We have realized that we need to be partners, not rulers,” states Michael Kioni, Senior District Officer and the Acting District Commissioner of Naivasha, Kenya. The partners to which Commissioner Kioni alludes are his youth constituents who have formed a coalition—the Coffee Bar —- consisting of 40 community […]

The Team: Kenya – Final Evaluation Report

Executive Summary As a response to the effects of the post-election violence in Kenya in December 2007, Search for Common Ground (SFCG) and Media Focus on Africa (MFA) developed and produced a TV and radio drama, The Team – an episodic series which “asks a central question: can […]

The Spirit of Hamro Team

So when Hamro Team, funded by Dfid, aired on Kantipur TV in 2011, Bijay tuned in. “The show was cleverly done because after a while, you realize that it was not just about football anymore,” said Bijay. He explained that football is just a medium to get young […]

L’Equipe- The Team: DR Congo – Final Evaluation Report

Since conducting the baseline research for L’Equipe (The Team) in July 2010, L’Equipe Season One (12 episodes) was aired from The 27th August 2010 to the 31st March 2011 on Digital Congo, a national wide broadcasting station. Local broadcasters (18) started a month later and aired the series […]

L’Equipe – Côte D’Ivoire – Final Evaluation Report

Since conducting the baseline research for L’Equipe (The Team) in October 2009, the drama was aired on the Ivory Coast’s national TV (RTI), only to be followed by a full blown civil war (referred to as the crisis in the Ivory Coast) in the aftermath of the presidential […]