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“What if we could create a fictional road map to good governance, firmly rooted in reality, believable, yet reaching for the stars?”

The Art of Better Together

At our arts camps, Syrian refugees and Lebanese youth created songs and short films to inspire their generation to stand up for change.

These Speed Drawing Videos Promote Tolerance and Women Empowerment in Indonesia

Our education campaign promotes women empowerment, tolerance, and the prevention of violent extremism.

The Birth of a Peace Leader

Sirojudin is an activist working to deradicalize young people in Indonesia.

Search interviews: Remie Abi-Farrage

Here’s how our summer camps are bringing together Syrian refugees and Lebanese youth.

Madam Prime Minister Launches in Nepal

Nepal’s first futuristic political drama launched in Kathmandu on November 3rd.

Secca TEAM – the theme song

The theme song for a new series of The Team is out!