TOUR – Team Outreach for Reconciliation

The TOUR – Team Outreach for Reconciliation project is an extension of Sikka Team, our TV drama series portraying collaboration across religious and ethnic divides. Sikka Team combines Sri Lanka’s passion for cricket with the message of reconciliation. It follows the stories of characters who, despite belonging to different groups, come together by focusing on their shared values and goals.

TOUR reiterates Sikka Team’s message of inclusion and fosters a dialogue on reconciliation among youth and women leaders in the districts of Ampara, Anuradhapura, Kandy, Mannar and Matara. This project will also help youth and women organizations in the target areas to design and implement activities that will improve community relations within their respective districts. The special focus on youth and women stems from the recognition that members of these two groups have been disproportionately affected by the war; including them in the reconciliation process is paramount.

TOUR is made of two major components. The first one focuses on the marketing of Sikka Team. The launch will include road shows, advertising campaigns, and social media promotion. The second focuses on outreach for community mobilization and reconciliation, through activities such as trainings, mentoring and coaching sessions, community events, and facilitated discussions on Sikka Team.

We believe that while the media outreach will generate discussions on reconciliation island-wide, our supplementary work in community outreach will allow youth and women leaders to engage on issues of interreligious and interethnic collaboration. Our final goal is to trigger a shift in the way communities across Sri Lanka perceive differences.

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