Singha Durbar: an Unprecedented Mobile App for e-Governance in Nepal

by Search - Nepal

on January 5, 2018

Over the last few years, Nepal’s first female (and fictional) Prime Minister ushered in a new phase of better governance, inclusive democratic participation, and women’s leadership in politics. PM Aasha Singh, the protagonist of our TV show Singha Durbar, became a true pop culture icon in the country, reaching an audience of 6.7 million people — 1 in 4 Nepali citizens.

Today, she keeps expanding her constituency through smartphone screens.

In collaboration with developer Kazi Studios, we launched the official Singha Durbar app — an unprecedented e-governance tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way citizens in Nepal interact with the institutions governing them.

As reported by national newspaper MyRepublica, “The application aims to educate, aware, and inform the public on critical and important laws and policies on governance.” It also provides information on the country’s recently adopted federal structure, a mobile version of Nepal’s Constitution, and guidance on access to justice and legal services. 

The app is designed to build awareness of government processes and foster citizen participation in the political life of the country at a pivotal time in its history. “As Nepal morphs into a federal structure of governance, people’s meaningful participation in making elected representatives accountable and transparent is very important. The mobile application not only educates people, but also inspires them to take up the role of watchdogs for good governance,” said Search – Nepal‘s Country Director, Dr. Bhola Prasad Dahal.

The Singha Durbar app also includes all the episodes of Season 1 of the groundbreaking show. Season 2 is currently in development.

Download the app here!

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