Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Since the establishment of Talking Drum Studio in Sierra Leone in 2000, we have gained a strong reputation for producing credible, unbiased radio and television programs, distributed by 27 broadcasters.

Some of these shows, such as the soap opera Atunda Ayenda and the radio drama Bush Wahala, are among the most famous programs at the national level. They contribute to opening the space for dialogue on critical social and political issues in the country, such as food security, child welfare, land conflict, elections and local government. To link dialogue at the national level to local contexts, we integrate our media programming with activities at the community level, including discussion forums, sports and cultural events, and exchange visits.

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latest projects

The Standing Together for Free, Fair and Peaceful Election Project in Sierra Leone 2018 -

Funded by UKaid through DFID Sierra Leone, the Standing Together for Free, Fair and Peaceful Elections Project is managed by the seven partners of the Standing Together for Democracy Consortium with each individual partner delivering a set of activities around each partner’s areas of expertise and expertise, but contributing to the project’s overarching goal which is ‘To create the conditions for free, fair and peaceful elections in Sierra Leone’.

United for Greater Governance and Participation in Sierra Leone - We launched a new initiative to foster the political participation of youth and women in Sierra Leone.
Expanding the Table: Empowering Women in Sierra Leone’s Industrializing Rural Districts - We are working to empower women farmers hit by investments in the agricultural sector.
Engaging Children & Youth as Partners in Preventing Violence - Discover how we're contributing to the eradication of violence against children and youth in West Africa.




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