SFCG Named #52 in THE GLOBAL JOURNAL’s First TOP 100 NGOs list

global-journal-2012-01-25-top100GENEVA – The Global Journal announced its inaugural Top 100 Best NGOs list. The first international ranking of its kind, this exclusive in-depth feature will provide academics, diplomats, policymakers, international organizations and the private sector an insight into the ever changing dynamics and innovative approaches of the non-profit world and its 100 leading actors.

Recognizing the significant role of NGOs as influential agents of change on a global scale, The Global Journal has sought to move beyond outdated cliches and narrow conceptions about what an NGO is and does. From humanitarian relief to the environment, public health to education, microfinance to intellectual property, NGOs are increasingly at the forefront of developments shaping the lives of millions of people around the world.

We were ranked #52 on the list. Of the four organizations that listed conflict resolution as their primary work we were ranked highest in the field of conflict resolution. Of the 100 organizations, forty have headquarters in the United States and we are ranked 19th among the U.S. based organizations.

The Global Journal explained why it included us in its top 100 list: The organization’s programs engage thousands of people directly, while their innovative media projects increase that reach into the millions. This programming has had clear impact. External evaluations in Burundi, for instance, found that radio programs produced by Studio Ijambo had changed the way people felt about and related to other ethnic groups in their society, while information dissemination activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo served as critical sources of public awareness about the peace process, helping to reduce suspicion and rumors that could otherwise lead to violence.

To see our profile in this special issue of The Global Journal, click here:   http://theglobaljournal.net/article/view/550/.

To see the full list, click here: http://theglobaljournal.net/top100NGOs/.