The show that could change Sri Lanka

You’re familiar with the format – a country plagued by conflict, a team of players setting their differences aside, the soccer match of a lifetime. In Tanzania, Yemen, Nepal, and a dozen other countries, our episodic drama The Team captured the attention of national audiences and showed the power of alternatives to violence.

A new series of The Team has debuted on national TV in Sri Lanka – with a big difference. This time, the heroes aren’t goalkeepers or strikers, but bowlers and batsmen…

Sikka TEAM tells the story of a group of Sri Lankan security guards, or sikkas, who form a cricket team and enter an epic championship. Game after game, they’ll explore their identities, see beyond what divides them, and work their way to the top of the league. Each character’s journey will shed new light on the complexity and beauty of one of the most multicultural societies in the world.

On November 19, the legendary cricket commentator Kamal Deshapriya led the launch event and the Q&A with the cast, producer Pradeep Darmadasa and Search Country Director Nawaz Mohammed. More than 100 celebrities, political leaders and members of the press attended the event. The show is currently airing every Saturday evening on Rupavahini, the TV channel with the widest national reach.

Watch the trailers below!

And check out the theme song:

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