Sandra Melone Transitions to New Role

Sandra Melone Transitions to Senior Advisor to the President of Search for Common Ground & Member of the Board of Directors, Search for Common Ground-Brussels.

On September 15, 2017, Sandra Melone, who has served as Search for Common Ground’s Executive Vice President for 10 years, will assume the new role of Senior Advisor to the President at Search for Common Ground. Ms. Melone, who has held senior leadership positions at Search for 22 years in Bujumbura, Burundi; Washington, DC; and Brussels, will transition from her current role to this new advisory position, in order to help mobilize several of Search’s new strategic initiatives, including a citizen-led peacebuilding movement. She will also continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of Search for Common Ground’s European Headquarters in Brussels.

In sharing the news of Ms. Melone’s transition, Search for Common Ground President Shamil Idriss said:

“During this critical phase in Search’s growth, I am so very pleased that Sandra will serve as Senior Advisor to the President. With her 22-year track record of leading new initiatives, including the establishment of the Women’s Peace Center in Burundi and Search’s European Headquarters in Brussels, she has been a central and leading part of so much that is good about this organization and what we have accomplished. And now I know that she will be instrumental in our success as we pursue our new strategic goals of engaging and mobilizing Search alumni, supporters, and friends and contributing to the emergence of a citizen-led peacebuilding movement. Having recently completed our 10-year Strategic Plan, we see these goals as a critical and exciting part of our plans to greatly expand Search’s impact in the world.”

Ms. Melone said: “Each day as a Searcher is filled with the joy and positive energy one receives thanks to the commitment each of us makes to serve our mission to contribute our piece to building peace. We are ready and eager to extend the spheres of influence and impact of our work around the world, and I look forward to this next phase of my career at Search, filled with the knowledge that the platform which Search has created is one of the world’s most powerful, serving the mission which motivates us all: reducing violence and transforming the way the world deals with conflict — away from adversarial, towards cooperative solutions.”

Ms. Melone’s email address remains

On or before September 3rd, Search for Common Ground will launch recruitment processes for two positions: Executive Vice President to be based in Washington, DC and Executive Director, Search for Common Ground-Brussels.