We began working in Rwanda in 2006 as part of our broader Great Lakes strategy to bring solutions to regional and national conflicts in the area, while promoting greater cooperation and understanding across borders. Regionally, we aim to foster inter-youth dialogue on different issues affecting the Great Lakes, while our numerous national projects range from youth radio talk shows to participatory theater dealing with land tenure conflicts. In 2008, we opened a field office in Kigali to follow more closely our projects on the ground.

Our work in Rwanda has two main objectives: to promote constructive and collaborative dialogue within Rwanda and the wider Great Lakes region, and to reinforce media capacity to address conflict issues with accuracy, impartiality, and responsibility.

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DSC_0082 Radio Rescue: farmers turn to airwaves over violence in Rwanda - Every Sunday afternoon, thousands of listeners across Rwanda tune into a radio show that became a lifeline for farmers at risk of losing everything.

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terredententedoc Terre D’Entente: Citizen Participation in Land Mediation in the Great Lakes - We are connecting citizens, mediators, civil society, and governments to find collaborative ways to solve land conflict in Burundi, Rwanda, and the DRC.
Media Banner Capacity Building for the Media - Historically, the media have played a powerful role in Rwandan politics and society – both as a catalyst for peace and as a platform for encouraging massive violence. The most common form of media outlet in Rwanda is the radio, commonly found in every household . 68% of […]
Voice Banner Giving a Voice to Rwanda’s Women and Youth - In Rwanda, youth between the ages of 17 and 35 account for approximately 60 percent of the population. Therefore, the country’s success depends directly on the achievements of its young people. We inspire youth to foster change within their communities by giving them an outlet to express themselves. […]




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