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May 11, 2020

This report “We Witness Violence Every Day” is an assessment of the conflict dynamics and peace process in Afghanistan, with specific focus on assessing the gender role in conflict dynamics and peace process in Afghanistan. The assessment was carried out in six locations in Afghanistan namely: Bagram district (Parwan province), Kalakan district (Kabul province), Matoon (Khost provincial center), Pul-e Khumri (Baghlan provincial center), Shakar Dara district (Kabul province), and Surkh Rod district (Nangarhar province). The quantitative data was generated from a sample of 2,335 (1,091 women, and 1,244 men. The assessment also included a qualitative research with forty-eight key informant interviews (KIIs) with local peacebuilders, government authorities and key community stakeholders and four focus group discussions male and female with local community. The assessment report provides insights into the understanding of the current conflict dynamics; patterns and trends in conflict resolution and women’s role in it; existing peace programming and challenges, opportunities and current practice of women’s involvement in peacebuilding programming in Afghanistan.

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