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July 19, 2023

Dive into the heart of Tuyage (Let’s Talk), an initiative funded by USAID to transform communities throughout Burundi. Spearheaded by Search, Tuyage’s mission is clear: to cultivate an enriched information landscape, foster dynamic economic dialogue, encourage citizen engagement, and promote unwavering social cohesion. Since its inception in 2018, Tuyage has been steadfastly committed to two fundamental objectives, each playing a pivotal role in reshaping Burundi’s future.

Firstly, the project supports journalists in delivering impartial and high-quality economic information, captivating young minds. Secondly,
Tuyage bridges the gap between youth and diverse economic actors, fostering informed dialogue on reconciliation, entrepreneurship, and the emergence of new business opportunities.

Building on these successes, we expanded the scope of the Tuyage project in 2020 to address the specific needs of Burundian women. Recognizing the cultural barriers and societal norms that hinder their economic participation and access to property, we integrated a dedicated component
focused on creating an environment conducive to women’s economic empowerment. Through a series of communication activities, we challenge gender norms while empowering women with the skills, resources, and invaluable opportunities for their success.

Within these pages, you will discover inspiring stories of women who dared to dream, defying cultural expectations to become true pioneers of entrepreneurship and leadership. From combating gender-based violence to improving access to markets, financing, and mentorship, Tuyage provides
these women with a platform conducive to their growth.

However, we acknowledge that women’s empowerment cannot be achieved in isolation. That is why we also highlight the exceptional men who stand shoulder to shoulder with women, shattering barriers and staunchly advocating for gender equality.

Together, they are rewriting the narratives of traditional roles, thus paving the way for an inclusive and promising society. Tuyage is not merely an initiative; it is a resounding call to action. We invite you to join us in shaping a Burundi where every voice is heard and valued.

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