Report – Sowing Seeds of Peace in Sudan – August 2020

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August 31, 2020

Since July 2020, the French Embassy-funded program, “Empowering Women and Youth in South Kordofan”, and the EU-funded project, “Strengthening Women and Youth-led Approaches to Reconciliation and Conflict Prevention”, co-supported the distribution of seeds in different locations throughout South Kordofan.

Search staff and local representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture organized the distribution of seeds among the four villages of Sir Alamin, Um Alwan, Alfarshaya, and Alshuroug. In each of the four locations, the livelihood activity began with the agro-technician of the Ministry of Agriculture providing helpful information on how farmers can best prepare their lands and harvest the seeds that were distributed. The same approach occurred in Kadugli, with Search partnering with Badya Centre for Integrated Development.

In total, 139 residents (67 men and 72 women) from the Diling area received seeds. Meanwhile, in Kadugli, 811 people (389 men and 422 women) received parcels of seeds, representing internally displaced people, returnees, and local residents.

Together, we can transform the way the world deals with conflict.