Promoting Social Cohesion and Conflict Transformation through Insider Mediators

In partnership with UNDP, our Yemen team is currently leading a project titled Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen in the governorates of Abyan and Al-Hodeidah. The program aims to enhance the resilience of rural communities affected by crises, supporting livelihoods, local governance, social cohesion, and access to sustainable energy sources.

In the areas where we work, we have identified Insider Mediators. They are highly respected and influential insiders within local social and political contexts, who enjoy the trust and respect of their community. We offer them training on conflict analysis, mediation, and dialogue. In turn, they teach these newly learned skills to other local leaders. With the help of Insider Mediators, we are able to normalize and institutionalize nonviolent conflict resolution methods at the local level.

As part of this project, we provide seed funding to support creative solutions to address sources of conflict. These often combine peacebuilding activities with humanitarian and development work, such as the digging of new water wells, refurbishing of schools, and the building of new roads.