Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire Visits SFCG Workshop

The Prime Minister of Cote d’Ivoire recently spoke at a workshop we held with Freedom House on #transitionaljustice in Abidjan. He highlighted the need for unbiased truth and accountability in the aftermath of violence around the 2010 elections that left thousands dead.

Originally published on – June 2, 2014

Abidjan – Prime Minister Daniel Kablan Duncan, said Monday at the opening of the workshop of national stakeholders working in the field of transitional justice, reform of the security sector, social cohesion and reconciliation that, “There will be no victors of justice.”

“The government can also say that there is not and there will be no victors of justice. Findings of the national commission of inquiry are the subject of several pre-trial proceedings concerning all set causes,”said Mr. Duncan at the opening of the workshop, which brings together national stakeholders and representatives of non-governmental organizations, including Search for Common Ground and Freedom House.

Prime Minister Duncan recalled that after the post-election crisis, President Alassane Ouattara, whose constant concern is to gather all Ivorians, “has spared no effort to create the conditions for national reconciliation .

The acts that result by the easing of political life have allowed political parties to resume their activities on the whole territory, the return of some 230,000 civilians and military exiles, thawing assets of persons close to former President Laurent Gbagbo, and the release of a vast majority of prisoners post-election crisis.

However, Prime Minister Duncan explained that the will of the Head of State to fight against the “disclaimer and impunity,” after the post-election crisis that has caused more than 3,000 deaths. The President requested that the court process is completed to determine responsibility of everyone.

He also added that the various measures of bail that are part of the judicial process “should not impede the search for truth and accountability.”

The workshop, which ends Tuesday, records the participation of representatives of the Center for Transitional Justice, Truth and Reconciliation Commission dialogue (CDVR), the National Social Cohesion Programme (NSCP) and several representatives of civil society.

It combines both state and non-state actors to establish clearly the link between justice, security, social cohesion and national reconciliation. It is also to identify ways that will “balance the need for justice, reparations, punishment, forgiveness and reconciliation necessary,” in a country like the Ivory Coast out of a crisis that caused thousands of deaths.

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