Pahunch in the News

All the media buzz generated by Pahunch in one page! Read the articles below to learn more about the show and the impact that it’s having on Nepali society.


Pahunch: Nepali Reality TV Show For Social Change

The Huffington Post reports on Pahunch, Search's groundbreaking reality show to increase trust between police and citizens in Nepal.

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Bustin Police Myths

Around 67% of Nepali citizens don't trust the police. A new reality show could change that.

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Pahunch aims to bridge the gap between police and public

Can a reality show improve relations between police and citizens in Nepal? The answer is YES. Pahunch starts today!

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Focus on Nepal Police

The Himalayan Times reports on PAHUNCH, a reality TV show to improve security and access to justice in Nepal.

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Talk to the police if you have any queries or questions related to security and peace. The Nepal Police is here to serve the public.

Arts and culture to improve security in Nepal

An update on our project PAHUNCH, improving the relations between citizens and police in Nepal. (Contains some awesome downloadable stickers!)

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Police-public reality show in the offing

A new reality TV show is set to change the relationship between police officers and citizens in Nepal.

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Karki Nepal

Officer Karki is changing the police from within

Policewoman Karki is using traditional arts and culture to improve relationships between the Nepali police and the community.

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