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training materials

A Conversation About Conflict -

This is a facilitator’s guide to leading a 1½ to 2-hour workshop for any audience interested in conflict resolution. This is a conversation, not a training, ideally for a group of 15 individuals. It develops a new awareness of daily conflicts – how we respond to them, what they cost us, and alternative, more constructive approaches to them. If you have any questions about this material or need guidance in facilitating a conversation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

To download A Guide to Conflict Resolution, which accompanies A Conversation About Conflict, click here.

Cooperative Problem Solving Guide -

This guide explains how to resolve conflicts with others in a way that leads to mutual agreements and stronger relationships. Through the process, parties involved in a dispute listen to each other’s points of view; identify common fears, hopes and interests; and work to develop solutions that address as many of their mutual interests as possible.

To download a pocket version of this guide in addition to the full version, click here.

Media Outreach Training Manual -

This is a media outreach guide for dialogue and reconciliation activists. It was designed to accompany our training workshops but can be used by all peacebuilders trying to increase their breadth and scope through the media.

Also available in Arabic and Indonesian.

A Guide for Professional Journalism in Conflict Zones -

Our Jerusalem team presents a manual and practical guide for journalists working in conflict situations. Insights from intensive work with Palestinian and Israeli media professionals seek to increase the awareness of the role media professionals play in conflict situations.

Also available in Arabic and Hebrew.