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Naija Girls

Mariam is a Muslim. Janet is a Christian. During years of bloodshed between different religious groups, they found a friend in each other.

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While a dialogue affects dozens, media influences millions.

Whether you’re in the capital city or the most remote village, media is a powerful tool to tackle deeply-rooted social issues. Our media production arm, Common Ground Productions, works through our country programs and local partners to create content that aims to bridge differences and build peace.

Dive into our fictional drama and real life stories illustrating constructive alternatives to violence.


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Life during land conflict in Africa: the story of “Terre D’Entente”

Life during land conflict in Africa: the story of “Terre D’Entente”


In the Great Lakes region of Africa, 90% of the population depend on agriculture to survive. Our initiatives to eliminate land conflict help rural communities thrive — and save lives in the process.

Building a united front of women leaders 4:14

Building a united front of women leaders


Across the Middle East and North Africa, we planted the seed for a united front that can advance the cause of women rights.

#MakeAWish for 2017! 1:46

#MakeAWish for 2017!


We wish for a world where conflict doesn't mean violence and destruction. And you? What's your wish for 2017? #MakeAWish

2016 #CGAwards: Raed Othman 2:!7

2016 #CGAwards: Raed Othman


Producer, writer, media guru: Raed Othman is all of that, and much more. With his TV and radio shows, he's bringing together Palestinians and Israelis in unprecedented ways.

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