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Naija Girls: Ending Violence in Northern Nigeria

In the religiously polarized city of Jos, Nigeria, conflict is common and many young people have never seen peace. Our Naija Girls camp creates a space for Muslim and Christian girls to form a community and develop a voice so that they can return to their homes and […]

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While a dialogue affects dozens, media influences millions.

Whether you’re in the capital city or the most remote village, media is a powerful tool to tackle deeply-rooted social issues. Our media production arm, Common Ground Productions, works through our country programs and local partners to create content that aims to bridge differences and build peace.

Dive into our fictional drama and real life stories illustrating constructive alternatives to violence.


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Participatory Theater in DR Congo 4:18

Participatory Theater in DR Congo


War in the Democratic Republic of Congo has ravaged communities and left members struggling to cope with the effects of conflict in healthy ways. Participatory theater provides an outlet as well as a training tool for community members to learn how to react to conflict constructively and find […]

Zamuka 4:39



Zamuka, Rwanda’s first reality TV show, features three young Rwandans who all compete for their entrepreneurial dreams – to set up their own successful businesses. Rwanda is currently experiencing a culture where young people must create their own jobs, and this show set out to teach young people […]

Empowering Pakistan’s Youth – A Documentary 5:12

Empowering Pakistan’s Youth – A Documentary


Young people form the largest part of Pakistan’s society. If they are offered opportunities, youth can lead the country towards a strong and peaceful nation. This documentary showcases our two-year program to train youth, local leaders, and the media to become agents of change during and after Pakistan’s […]

Football brings Nepal youth & police together 3:19

Football brings Nepal youth & police together


Our program, Hamro Team Maidanmaa, uses soccer to ease tensions between youth and police in Nepal. These two groups often experience conflict in Nepal because young people fear and mistrust the police force. Through sports and other activities like dialogue sessions and trust-building games, the Nepal police and […]

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