Our Engagement in Bahrain

Since the 2011 protests, Bahraini society has become increasingly polarized along sectarian lines. To build and promote a culture of civic discourse, in 2012 we began a partnership with the Bahrain Foundation for Reconciliation and Civil Discourse (BFRCD).

Politically neutral, BFRCD was established to foster greater social cohesion and harmony between Bahrain’s communities. The Foundation facilitates the exchange of ideas and values across all segments of Bahraini society. In an interview with the Bahrain Today Show on BTV, Chariman Suhail Algosaibi talked about reconciliation, the partnership with Search, and the future of Bahrain’s youth. More information can be found on the Foundation’s website.

Since the beginning of our partnership with BFRCD, we have held numerous trainings on conflict transformation, non-violent communication, youth leadership, and conflict sensitive media for a diverse cross-section of Bahraini youth and adults, as well as their media. These workshops were a positive experience for individuals and professionals who, despite their differences of opinion, could engage with one another to explore common ground.

With BFRCD, we are continuing to pursue our long-term strategic partnership with more capacity-building workshops taking place in 2015 and beyond.

This 2013 article from the English-language newspaper Gulf Daily News discusses our partnership with BFRCD, which also garnered attention from several other Arabic-language publications.