The signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord in 2006 between the Nepalese government and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) marked the end of the Civil War that started a decade earlier, but significant challenges to the peace process persist. We are leveraging on our expertise in building multimedia projects, facilitating dialogue, and collaborating with local partners to address these challenges and promote nonviolent conflict transformation.

Our programs in Nepal focus on five areas: democratic participation, reconciliation, access to justice and security, development and economic growth, and collaborative, inclusive leadership.

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Singha Durbar: an Unprecedented Mobile App for e-Governance in Nepal - The Singha Durbar app is a new e-governance tool giving Nepali citizens a deeper level of access to the institutions governing them.

latest projects

PAHUNCH: STRENGTHENING ACCESS TO JUSTICE IN NEPAL - We are using arts and media to build a better relationship between the police and citizens in Nepal.
Madam Prime Minister - Introducing the first female (and fictional) Prime Minister of Nepal.
HAMRO SIKHSYA – OUR EDUCATION - Hamro Sikhsya (“Our Education” in Nepali) is a 3-year project led in consortium with the national Campaign for Education in Nepal and the Good Governance Foundation. The goal of Hamro Sikhsya is to improve transparency and accountability in Nepal’s education sector. We do this by working closely with […]
NETRITWA – LEADERSHIP - Netritwa (“Leadership” in Nepali) is a 1-year pilot project funded by the National Endowment for Democracy. The goal of the project is to increase the participation of women leaders in decision-making, both at the national and local level. The project includes gender-sensitivity trainings and leadership courses for women, […]
Promoting Women’s Rights, Protection, and Participation in Post-Conflict Situations - With support from UN Women, we are strengthening the skills of female leaders in six districts across the country.
Youth Engage - With funding from the EU, we're mobilizing youth as positive change makers in Nepal.
“Peace on Earth” – a contest to mark International Peace Day in Nepal - Participate in a nation-wide contest and win an internship with celebrated filmmaker Tsering Rhitar Sherpa!
Earthquake in Nepal – How You Can Help - Learn more about how we supported civilians in the immediate aftermath of the crisis and during the reconstruction phase.
Nepal Partnership for Children and Youth - The Nepal Partnership for Children and Youth was established in 2014 to implement the multi-agency, multi-country, and multi-donor (3M) evaluation of Children and Youth Participation in Peacebuilding (CYPP) that is being carried out by the Global Partnership for Children and Youth. In addition to our national office, the […]




Country Director
Bhola Prasad Dahal, PhD
Telephone: + 977 4002010

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