Following decades of military rule and internal conflict, Myanmar has begun a historic process of political, economic, and social reform. After signing a nationwide ceasefire agreement, the first civilian government in over 60 years now leads the peace process. Despite these significant steps towards national reconciliation, deep ethnic and religious divides endure and violent conflict continues in some regions.

Since 2014, we have been working with the government, civil society, media actors, ethnic armed groups, and the wider public to support an inclusive democratic transition, focusing on reconciliation, trust-building, and collaboration across dividing lines.

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Let’s Think, Let’s Change -

Search-Myanmar's "Let's Think, Let's Change" project is promoting the acceptance and celebration of diversity throughout the country. Through a creative use of media mixed with youth-led community-based work, we are harnessing the power of popular culture to make positive change in Myanmar.

latest projects

Strengthening Social Cohesion - Strengthening Social Cohesion is a project that focuses on training for government officials in Myanmar.
Rumor Management to Mitigate Conflict - Our project minimizes the impact of rumors as triggers of violence in Myanmar.
Investing in popular culture to support an inclusive transition to peace and reconciliation - We worked with local actors and media professionals to create films, TV productions, and theater performances in support of Myanmar’s peace process.




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