MENA Common Ground Institute

MENA Common Ground Institute
Dialogue Incubator in the MENA Region

Four years after the Arab uprisings led to radical political change across the Middle East and North Africa, many societies in the region continue to grapple with insecurity, fluid transitions, and aggravated identity politics. In communities vulnerable to violent conflict, the confidence in ‘win-win’ solutions, gained through dialogue and consensus-building, is waning.

Official national dialogue mechanisms have erupted in Yemen, Libya, and Tunisia. These national-level conversations are but one form of the dialogues that are increasingly needed to overcome tensions and build peace. Experienced facilitators, inside mediators, and safe platforms for dialogue are also in great demand.

To address these challenges, in 2015 we launched the MENA Common Ground Institute, a regional initiative to enhance dialogue in the MENA region.

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The CGI Approach - Our strategy is divided into five schemes: Training and Curriculum Development, Civil Society Small Grants, Research, Policy Forums, and Awards and Fairs.


Promoting Dialogues – Pilot - The MENA Common Ground Institute commenced its operations in 2015 with the one-year pilot project “Promoting Dialogues”, targeting civil society organizations in Tunisia and Egypt.
Subgrantee Profile: Free Woman Sfax - During MENA CGI’s pilot year, the Tunisian organization Free Woman launched an initiative to engage women in conflict resolution.




Abou El Mahassine Fassi-Fihri
Regional Director
Middle East and North Africa

Mohammad Omar

Project Coordinator

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