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IMG_3863 Promoting Nonviolence in Yemeni Schools - Despite the ongoing conflict, our programs to support Yemeni children continue today.

Regional Projects

image3 Inclusive Dialogue within Women’s Rights Movements in the Middle East and North Africa - While huge advances in women’s rights and equality have been made since the beginning of the millennium, women in many Middle-Eastern and North African countries still face social, economic, and cultural challenges. Fluid transition processes across the MENA region have led to increased polarization within societies, dividing those […]
MENA Common Ground Institute - MENA CGI is a regional initiative to enhance dialogue in the region.
Our Work in Libya - Learn more about our work with Libyan activists and leaders, both inside Libya and in neighboring Tunisia.
Bahrain Our Engagement in Bahrain - Learn more about our trainings on conflict transformation, non-violent communication, youth leadership, and conflict sensitive media in Bahrain.
MENA youth #Peacerising, a Campaign to Engage MENA Youth - #PeaceRising engaged youth and civil society in conversations about conflict transformation and nonviolence in the MENA region.


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