Since gaining independence from France in 1960, Madagascar has endured a series of recurring political crises, resulting in political instability, and constantly disputed elections. The latest of these, in 2009, led to political isolation and economic stagnation. Since then, both the economy and standards of living in Madagascar have been in decline, and highly politicized media have created an environment of suspicion and mistrust. We started working in Madagascar in 2011 and have accompanied the democratic process which saw a newly elected government take power in 2014. We work to reinforce the Malagasy culture of tolerance and respect that serves as an important bond between peoples of different ethnicity and origin in Madagascar. We aim to improve collaboration between government, local organizations, and media to support accountable, participative, and representative governance.

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Ity Madagasikara antsika ity!!! - Despite current tensions in Madagascar, Malagasy citizens want nothing more than peace for their country. We have partnered with Andry Lalana Tohana (ALT) to launch a radio campaign entitled “ITY MADAGASIKARA ANTSIKA ITY,” a program that gives Malagasy citizens the chance to express their hopes for peace in […]

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Project Mazava II: Building Trust around Madagascar’s Mining Sites - As the 2018 elections approach, new tensions arise around Madagascar's mining sites. Our work is helping prevent violent clashes.
Samy Gasy: Communication and Conflict Resolution in Madagascar - Samy Gasy is an international training program in conflict transformation and peacebuilding targeting influential groups in Malagasy society.
Communication and Dialogue around Madagascar’s Mining Sites - We are supporting the peaceful settlement of land disputes arising around Madagascar's mining sites.




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Tiana Ravaloson
SFCG – Madagascar

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