In 1943, Lebanon created a power sharing agreement that allocated political positions based on religion, politicizing the rich diversity of the country. The simmering tensions and population shifts between the main religious and ethnic groups within Lebanon eventually culminated in 1975 in a 15-year civil war. Today, Lebanon hosts a newly reborn democracy that still struggles with religious and ethnic divides. We first worked in Lebanon in 1996 and opened up a permanent office in 2008. After enormous growth, we now address conflicts arising within Lebanon’s already diverse society, tensions resulting from the increasing influx of Syrian refugees, security sector reform, and women’s socio-economic empowerment. For each issue, we seek to engage all stakeholders and strengthen local capacities in order to create sustainable change and increased social cohesion.

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RAINBOW OF HOPE DOES IT AGAIN We came as strangers we left as friends – Rainbow of Hope does it again! - For 6 months, Lebanese and Syrian children went on a journey to learn about diversity, acceptance, coexistence, empathy, and non-violent ways to resolve conflicts through a variety of games and storytelling activities.

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FURSA - The FURSA project, supported by the Madad Trust Fund of the European Union, aims to improve the social and economic inclusion of youth in refugee and host communities in Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey. The project provides access to livelihood opportunities, training on basic economic skills, support for the […]
Aswat Faaela (Active Voices) - Aswat Faaela is a 30-month project aiming to develop the social leadership skills of young Syrians and Lebanese and give them a voice in the national and international discourse about peacebuilding. It supports emerging leaders as they build trust by working together to find solutions to community issues. […]
Rainbow of Hope - With funding from the US Embassy, we have started the third phase of our Rainbow of Hope project. The goal of this initiative is to bridge the social and educational divides between Lebanese and Syrian children aged 6-11, in support of the larger goal of strengthening social cohesion […]




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