“La voix de la go”

Our team in Côte d’Ivoire is implementing a project called “La Voix de la Go” (“The Voice of the Young Girl”) which uses media training as a way to empower young girls.

Using film equipment and the knowledge they gained from their trainings, young school girls from eight urban schools will develop solutions to the problems that plague them in daily life, from abuse to peer pressure, corruption to family trouble.

We have created three short films which depict common problems Ivorian girls might face in school. But these films have no ending, and the conflicts they portray are left in limbo, unresolved. For the next several months, the girls will write, act, film, and create their own endings to the short films in ways that demonstrate their ideal responses and solutions to the problems. This will empower girls to speak publicly about their issues, to engage in debate with their peers, and to act as positive role models. Through film, these young girls will share their voices.