Since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Kyrgyzstan’s democratic system has struggled for stability despite economic troubles, transitional governments, ethnic conflict, and political divides. The diverse religious, political, and ethnic identities in the country reflect the rich history and social mosaic of the region. Since 2011, SFCG has been working to promote a culture of tolerance and collaborative problem-solving in Kyrgyzstan. We work to transform perceptions of conflict and support reconciliation through innovative media, governance tools, and leadership dialogues.

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Social Media for Deradicalization in Kyrgyzstan - Working with local activists, we are countering youth's recruitment into violent extremist groups through social media.

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Promoting Freedom of Religion or Belief in Kyrgyzstan - This project is creating more favorable conditions for religious freedom in Kyrgyzstan through collaboration between state and non-state actors.
Jashstan Times - All the issues of Search's very own Jashstan Times, in one place!
Radicalization of Central Asian Labor Migrants in Russia - We are researching the dynamics of radicalization among Central Asian labor migrants in the Russian Federation.




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Keneshbek Sainazarov
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