Journalists in Nigeria Learn How to Report on Conflict & Trauma

In our efforts to strengthen the capacity of the media in areas of reporting and program design, Search Nigeria recently organized a Conflict & Trauma Sensitive Journalism Training for 60 journalists (30 from Adamawa State & 30 from Borno State) which began on February 13th.

In conflict affected regions, the manner in which the media report and discuss issues can either promote conflict or reduce tension and launch negotiations. It is necessary to build conflict sensitive journalists who apply conflict analysis and are unbiased, but are also engaged in the search for solutions.

Based on Search’s Common Ground approach to constructive reporting on sensitive and social issues, the training empowered the reporters with skills necessary for objective (fact-based, impartial), constructive (aimed at explaining, educating) and trauma sensitive media reporting on conflict issues in the North East.

“The most important thing I got from this training is as a journalist I should be sensitive to the needs of victims of violence and emphatic,” a seasoned journalist from Borno explained.

Sixty journalists received training on how to report on conflict and trauma-related issues.

Sixty journalists received training on how to report on conflict and trauma-related issues.

To improve the quality of our media programming on conflict and trauma-related issues, we trained radio producers, presenters and writers from the North East, North Central & North West in a 3-Day Intensive Conflict & Trauma Sensitive Media Programming Training, facilitated by Yubakar Raj Rajkarnikar, the Director of Programs at Search for Common Ground Nepal.

In working groups, the participants contributed to re-designing four of our radio programs: ‘Our Children Are Talking,’ ‘Voices of Peace,’ ‘Yan Cin Ka, Garkuwan Ka’ & ‘Planet Naija’ using Search’s proven model of radio for peacebuilding.

“A few days before the training, I honestly believed dignity was to be earned not everyone deserved dignity,” a radio reporter from Adamawa expressed. “But today I know I should honor people and view people from a different lens by putting myself in their shoes.”

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