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share with the world

Take the 10 friend challenge!
Here’s everything you need to spread the word about the movement to end violent conflict.

take the 10 friend challenge

Do you know 10 people who want to better the world?
Invite them to Join the Search! Send them a Facebook message, an email, or a tweet of our video, then encourage them to share it with 10 of their friends. Before we know it, we’ll have people joining the movement to end violent conflict from every corner of the globe.

media toolkit

Want more ways to spread the word? Pick one or pick them all.

plug in




Short on cash? Donate a tweet! Go to the link below. Click on “Donate a Tweet,” and once a day we’ll send out a tweet raising awareness to end violent conflict. That tweet will automatically go to your followers through your account. With one click, you’re spreading the word!

Donate a Tweet


Violent conflict impacts people of every color, creed & country. Take a stand. Download and print this no violence sign. Then take a picture holding the sign with #EndV (on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram). Stay tuned for the collage!

Download Sign


Have a great story of forgiveness, a “common-groundy” event, or an important article that needs to be seen? Tweet it with the hashtags #EndV #JTS. Did you find common ground this week and want to celebrate? Tweet #FinditFriday. We want to share your efforts to end violent conflict!

videos & graphics

A picture’s worth a 1000 words. Share infographics, cartoons and inspiring quotes with your friends. Find an array of graphics illustrating what a great world we can have if we change our response to conflict, from violence to constructive solutions.

Share Videos & Graphics


Proud to be part of this great cause? Wear your pride on your sleeve! Your social media sleeve, that is. Get your free “Twibbon” – the Join the Search emblem for your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Promote the movement and encourage your friends to get on board!

Get your Twibbon


Want to converse directly with others in the movement from all over the world? Discuss issues? Propose solutions? Share ideas?

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