Be A Searcher

be a searcher

Our staff, interns, and volunteers around the world call themselves Searchers because the mission to end violent conflict doesn’t stop when they leave the office. It’s a way of life.

Join us in this commitment. Searchers get special access to common ground trainings, tools, video chats with our peacebuilders around the world, mixers, workshops, and more.
Just pick one of these three ways to become a Searcher:



DONATE $10/month
the cost of 2 cups of coffee


to end violent conflict

start a team

Get a group of your friends or classmates together to raise awareness about violent conflict around the world or help solve conflicts in your area constructively. Hold a dialogue about a divisive local issue, practice cooperative problem-solving skills together, or host a benefit concert.

Sign up now to join our beta-testers. It’s an advisory group that we’ll convene via video chat to ask questions like: What resources will you need to start your own team? What activities do you want to do? How do you want us to help?

give now

$10/month can give 1 person the training and tools she needs to start building peace in her hometown.

91¢ of every $1.00 we spend goes to equipping peacebuilders around the world. 8¢ goes to administrative expenses like keeping the lights on. Only 1¢ goes to fundraising.

fundraise for peace

Follow the steps below to make your fundraiser a success!


Come up with a creative
idea to raise money.

– Give your Birthday
– Give your Wedding
– Run a Marathon
– Throw a Dance Party

The possibilities are endless!


Tell everybody – including us!

– Sign up below. If you’re not sure about the date, don’t worry.
Click here to set up your fundraising page, so you can see everyone who donates. Click “Fundraise for this Charity” on the left.
– You can use our media toolkit to tell everyone in your network.



Celebrate, run, dance, or bake your way to a more constructive, less violent world. We’ll send you a report after your fundraiser to let you know how much of a difference you’ve made for peace.