Partnership for Social and Behavior Change in Yemen – Second Phase

With support from UNICEF, we are finalizing the second phase of Partnership for Social and Behavior Change in Yemen, an 18-month project in the governorates of Taiz and Al-Hodeidah.

The project aims at reducing the impact of conflict on children’s health and encourages dialogue on sensitive children’s health issues. It achieves its impact through communications initiatives geared towards Yemeni parents and community leaders, who in turn encourage societal change with respect to healthcare.

The core component of this initiative is a multilayered outreach campaign. It includes door-to-door house visits, mobile cinema events, radio programs, joint community meetings at bazaars, and more. The campaign managed to reach wide audiences in rural areas in both governorates, and the use of radio has been particularly successful. Our show Yawmeyat Bokrah (“Tomorrow’s diaries”), as well as 15 radio flashes featuring our popular puppet characters Salem and Wardah, have increased the reach of the project and widely disseminated life-saving principles related to children’s health.