Institutional Learning Team

Institutional Learning Team

The Institutional Learning Team (ILT) helps our staff and partners monitor and evaluate the results of our work and our progress towards sustainable change. This team is critical for ensuring that we learn what works and what doesn’t work in our projects, and that this learning informs the design of future projects. ILT helps us reflect on the most effective ways to make a transformational difference through our work, and it develops toolkits and resources outlining the lessons we have learned. Created in 2004, ILT is a leader in the peacebuilding field.

Our Approach is based on:

  • EFFECTIVENESS – ILT supports quality, innovative, and effective projects by providing technical support in Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation (DM&E), conflict sensitivity and analysis, including children & youth and gender perspectives into projects, and capturing information across all our country programs.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – ILT promotes approaches that are participatory and inclusive of the communities we serve. We also strengthen our staff’s ability to measure and speak about the results of our work.
  • LEARNING – ILT is a leader in DM&E theory and practice both within our organization and across the peacebuilding field. We create and share innovative peacebuilding tools and resources, such as our widely-used DME for Peace website (, and regularly present our latest research in peacebuilding and evaluation forums worldwide. ILT also provides technical support and guidance on monitoring and evaluation to national and international partners, such as DFID and UNICEF.
How to Measure Peace - DME for Peace is a global community of practitioners, evaluators and academics that share best and emerging practices on how to design, monitor and evaluate peacebuilding programs. Through greater collaboration and transparency, we hope to increase the effectiveness of the peacebuilding field. Join us today: DME for […]

Our Programs

Supporting a Learning Organization - Our organization is continuously learning. From the start of a new project through its final evaluation, we are constantly capturing knowledge about what’s working and what isn’t. Through internal initiatives, we ensure that what is learned in one region is transferred and adapted to other regions facing similar […]
Our Approach - The Institutional Learning Team (ILT) is a global team composed of ten full-time Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation (DME) and thematic experts working globally and regionally. ILT also works in close collaboration with all of our staff, in particular our country-based DME Coordinators. ILT promotes the following principles: Learning: […]
Leadership in Monitoring and Evaluation - We use our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to improve the skills and knowledge of our partners. We do this by promoting best practices through several special projects, including: Education for Peacebuilding – In August 2013, we launched a global partnership with UNICEF to strengthen education for peacebuilding programs. […]




Interim Director of Design, Monitoring and Evaluation
Adrienne Lemon
Tel: +257 22241946

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