Hidden Heroes of a “Faceless War”

War in Yemen rages on.

Even though you rarely see it in the news. When you do, it’s described as a proxy war between regional powers. But what about the people of Yemen? How have two years of fighting affected their lives?

The war has triggered an unprecedented humanitarian emergency in the country, but Yemeni activists and peacebuilders have responded with courage, tolerance, and resilience, holding their communities together despite the violence all around them.

Yemen is at a critical juncture, and local peacebuilders need more support. It’s time to invest in peacebuilding and prepare communities to embrace a peace process that will take years to unfold.

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It’s time the world saw the faces and heard the voices of those affected by this war. Share the video and photos below with your social networks using #EyesonYemen. Help us put a face to this very human conflict.

What does life in Yemen look like today?
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Go Deeper

Learn more about the situation on the ground from experts with a local lens. Read our Peace Analysis to learn how local peacebuilding efforts can improve the lives of civilians right now and build the foundations for a national peace process.

Yemen peace analysis cover

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Click here to download the addendum produced in January, 2018.

Make a Difference

Funds to support local peacebuilding efforts and aid are being diverted from Yemen. Tell your congressperson you care about what happens to the people of Yemen. Copy/paste this sample post and tag your representative on Facebook and Twitter:

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