Almost 5 years after the return of Constitutional Order, Guinea is still faced with social and economic difficulties that put its future in jeopardy. When the government was getting ready to embark on large-scale projects to transform the country, the health crisis represented by the Ebola epidemic has greatly shaken the plan for national development.

Since 2003, we have been working in Guinea to promote peaceful coexistence between communities, achieved through inclusive dialogue, educational initiatives, and partnerships with local women and youth organizations. In recent years our staff members, based in Conakry and Nzérékoré, have utilized their expert knowledge of Guinea’s social dynamics to enhance community responses to the Ebola outbreak.

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Not Scared - Doctor Mamadou recovered from Ebola. With Search, he works in schools in Guinea to fight the stigma against survivors.

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Guinea’s Peace Caravans - In preparation to this year's municipal elections, Guinean youth leaders are helping their own communities defuse political violence.
Let’s Vote for Peace - In late 2015, we led a nationwide program based on media to ensure peaceful elections in Guinea.
Engaging Children & Youth as Partners in Preventing Violence - Discover how we're contributing to the eradication of violence against children and youth in West Africa.
Let’s Get Going! Community Engagement in the Fight against Ebola - The southeastern region of Guinea Forestière was severely hit by the recent Ebola epidemic. The area is home to many violent ethnic conflicts and hosts refugees and rebels from bordering Sierra Leone and Liberia, both of which suffered civil wars. The virus outbreak exacerbated already precarious social and […]




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Alfred Bulakali
Search for Common Ground Guinea

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